RM 56-01

Replica Richard Mille has launched kinds of famous watch, one of the replica watch is made of sapphire, which is also one of the most expensive timepiece to date. Yes, it is RM 56-01 from replica Richard Mille. The watch's sapphire crystal out - prices a new Ferrari by a neat margin and unlike other luxury famous watches with are glass plated or gold, the sapphire plating makes RM 56-01 totally see-through and is reminiscent  of high tech Mac computers in the 90s.

Richard Mille developed a new material, Aerospace Nano, to complete RM 56-01 crystalline beauty that is a quest for extreme transparency. All the parts of the RM 56-01 made from sapphire crystal have been treated with an anti-glare coating, and have also been subjected to strict testing to optimise their resistance capabilities. The caliber RM5 - 01 is featuring manual winding tourbillon movement with hours, minutes, power reserve indicator, function selector and torque indicator as well as measuring the dimensions of 50.50 x 42.70 x 16.75 mm. The baseplate has been entirely removed and replaced by large, transparent plates that support the entire movement.The third wheel and centre bridge are also made from sapphire crystal. It's resistance to abrasion is also eight times greater than that of steel.